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Ideas Worth Vending

In an increasingly uncertain world, how can we create meaningful experiences that bring joy and encourage introspection? By fostering connections to art! Ideas Worth Vending is a project to create vending machines filled with art, sharing ideas that aim to make the world a little better. Our first vending machine is situated in Newtown, Sydney, featuring work from 16 local artists.

Given that the project was started in the middle of the 2021 lockdown, many people were unable to physically engage with our machine, and so I created an online interactive version that recreates the experience and serves to promote our physical machine. Written in JavaScript using the p5.js framework, it helps to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital, encouraging engagement and forming strong connections through the accessible medium of technology.

You can experiment with our online vending machine yourself at, and our physical machine is set up at the Garden Lounge Creative Space in Newtown.

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