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Paintjob Packer

The truck simulator games developed by SCS Software have spawned a community of millions of players, hobbyists and enthusiasts around the world, and Paintjob Packer is a program designed to give them the agency to imagine, create and share their own creations for the games.

Trucks in the games can be personalised with paint jobs, consisting of custom colours and liveries, and additional liveries can be added to the games by way of modifications, or mods. Creating mods requires a technical understanding of the way the games work, or the use of complex modding utilities, and so I developed Paintjob Packer as a streamlined, easy to use alternative for mod creation.

Written in Python, Paintjob Packer is cross-platform, increasing accessibility for would-be mod creators, and providing an avenue for players to impact and control the virtual worlds they inhabit and explore. By enabling more people to create their own paint job mods, my goal is to encourage creativity and the improvment of technical skills, democratising design and the mod creation process.

Paintjob Packer can be downloaded from GitHub and is only one part of my efforts to empower the truck simulator community, alongside the template pack I package with it, and a detailed tutorial video demonstrating its use and the process of creating a mod from scratch.

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