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Where Two Worlds Are One

Where Two Worlds Are One is the culmination of an exploration, interrogation and re-imagining of my backyard—North Wahroonga. It seeks to understand my local area beyond its surface appearance, and presents the dichotomy that defines its identity and seeps into the work I create within it.

Through the project I was fortunate to consult with Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor and Uncle Jimmy Smith, local Elders and Knowledge Holders who graciously shared their time, knowledge and stories to inform my practice and guide the exploration of my backyard.

Over the course of the project my understanding of the area shifted from an intersection of two worlds—the natural and the artificial—to a single holistic space where neither half can exist as it is without the context and influence of the other. I created two intermediate videos and a final presentation over the course of the project, utilising techniques like dérives and journey mapping.

Due to the nature of this project, public sharing is a bit tricky. A full version of the final presentation and annotated bibliography will be made available once appropriate permissions have been granted.

Design techniques

Transdisciplinary principles